Welcome to the home of Haywire Bluegrass!

In 1936 The Haywire Orchestra was formed in Palo Alto California. The group’s motto was “just for fun!” Today, the group is just called Haywire and we play mostly bluegrass but one thing has not changed – we still get together and perform “just for fun!” While none of the original members are still with us, we hope they would be pleased to know that Haywire is going strong. Haywire leader Doug Johnson is the grandson of the Haywire Orchestra’s original bass player, Oliver Johnson. It is in his honor that we carry on the tradition of Haywire! The name Old Haywire came from an original drawing in 1951 of a label for a bottle of genuine “Old Haywire” whiskey.

Take a few minutes to check out the site. You can learn more about Haywire’s rich heritage, find out where we’ll be playing next, or even just check out the latest event photos. But be warned – some of us have faces for radio! You can also check out the new CD, “As Mellow as Moonlight Melody,” available now.

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